Extra Credit

Phase I (5 points):
Tell me:

Which districts you live in (see below)
Who your representatives are.
Where you found this information

Phase II (15 points):

Find your Community Board calendar.
Attend a meeting of your choosing.
Post 2-3 paragraphs about the experience using the category “districts” (make sure to include a picture)
Must be submitted by June 10th

Find the Districts and Officials for the following:

Congressional District
Senate District
State Assembly District
Council District
Community District/Community Board
Police Precinct/Community Council
School Precinct/Education Council

Extra Credit: Clean Up the Beach

It doesn’t get any better than this: clean up the beach and receive lunch, a t-shirt, and extra credit in return. NOTE: You must register beforehand.

What: Plumb Beach Cleanup
When: Friday, April 28th from 10:00am-3pm
Where: Meet at MAC Lighthouse at 10:00am. Busses will leave at 10:30am. Lunches and T-shirts will be provided.
How: Register here. Direct all questions to Janine Palludan.

The week following the cleanup, you’ll receive a certificate of participation.Take a picture with your certificate and post it to the website with a paragraph about the experience (category: cleanup) for 10 points.

Congress Simulation

The congress simulation that was handed out in class today is also posted under Course Assignments. If you were absent and need to be assigned a Congress person, please reply to this post and I’ll reply with a name.

P.S. I’ve also re-posted the Congress Simulation with the correct date (April 25th–not May 25th)

Extra Credit


1. Federal Hall
2. Find the National Parks Passport Stamp and stamp a piece of paper.
3. Take a selfie with the stamped paper.
4. Take another picture of something you find interesting on your trip.
5. Type up a paragraph about the experience.
6. Categorize as “Federal Hall” and post by Friday 4/21.

Extra Credit


1. Visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art. (Show your CUNY ID for free admission, it’s “pay what you wish” for anyone you bring along)
2. Find “Washington Crossing the Deleware”
3. Take a selfie with the painting.
4. Take a picture of another piece of art that speaks to you.
5. Type up a paragraph about the experience.
6. POST by Friday 3/24. Make sure you CATEGORIZE as “The Met”

Join the Site!

The glitch that was preventing you from joining our site has been fixed!
Now you can join the site without emailing me.

1. Create a CUNY commons account, using the directions on the last page of the syllabus.
2. Edit your profile to include your picture and your preferred email address.
3. Join the site by entering the password (the same one I wrote on the board during class today) on the right hand side of the page.
4. Voila, now you can post to the page!


Now that you’ve joined the site, it’s time for introductions:

  • At the top of the screen, hover over “New” and click “Post”
  • Enter your name into the title and type a few paragraphs about yourself. What brings you here? What do you enjoy? What do you avoid?
  • REMEMBER: Before clicking “Publish”, you MUST categorize the post as “Introductions” (otherwise it won’t appear on the site)
    • Categories are listed on the right hand side of the post panel, you might have to scroll down.
  • Once you’ve introduced yourself, read through other students introductions and respond to two you have something in common with.